Sunday, May 17, 2009

IIIB Information Please

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IIIB is a financial institution with a difference ... We aspire to integrate HOPE with ETHIC and COMMITMENT. And, IIIB(2) encourages you to consider the fundamentals of your potential and goals.

TARGET: 20,000,000 new skilled citizens to emigrate to Canada : 2010 - 2030. This is required in order to adjust to the unfolding natural mortality rate.

Our associate Earth-1 Central will provide a short view of the integral feature of our land stewardship commitments.

FUSION electric energy provides some scope to our scientific interests and job-creation focus. Understanding life on Earth is critical. WATER MOLECULES R&D demonstrates the SVS-IHHI recognition of the critical GAIA significance in our life here on Earth.

IIIB strives to create the friendly blend between indigenous rights to custom title with the contemporary global spectres of commerce and trade.

WASTE STREAMS & added-value projects to the advantage of the taxpayer demonstrates the fundamental ethic and business energy commitment by STT & GWE through IIIB to attract a new population to Canada; and, therein, to establish a global reputation as the LEADER in Health Care Sciences and Practises : Contemporary and Holistic Traditional.

Alternative transportation systems : Mag-Lev and Electric Autos remain key business missions within our SVS-IHHI Template.

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